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Library Service

CAD Libraries are the foundation of your CAD environment regardless of which software tools you use. Problems that companies and R&D departments encounter are:


  • DFM / DFA options change, but the CAD library does not
  • History keeps you from starting over again
  • As departments grow, inconsistency grows as well
  • The same work is done twice
  • Engineers who waste their time on library work

CAD Library Service Management

NOVATRACE can relieve you and perform the complete CAD library management, so you always get consistent and high-quality components, according to the latest IPC standards.


Onze tools en kwaliteits-processen zorgen hiervoor, zo hebben we al meer dan 3500 componenten gemaakt met een first time right score van 99% !

Part request system

Part Request System

NOVATRACE has developed a very user-friendly online tool where you can submit a component request via a web form after a secure login. You will receive a confirmation of the requested component by email with a ticket number.


Novatrace makes the symbol, footprint. If required, we also provide a 3D model and database entry as well as a final check on all data. Once the requested CAD part is ready for use, you will again receive a confirmation. The data is stored securely by us and all our data is backed up daily.

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