Electronics development

As a startup or company without knowledge of electronics development, there are numerous pitfalls. This can unnecessarily prolong the development process, cost too much money, potentially miss a crucial market introduction, prove difficult to manufacture, or result in initial failure before the product ultimately functions properly.


– Colleagues are working on a product, but are distracted by too many peripheral tasks, thus unable to perform their core tasks adequately.
– You're uncertain where to manufacture the product optimally, resulting in a longer payback period.
–As quantities increase, the margin will lag behind, and the product price becomes too high.
– You have little experience with applying to subsidies


As a PCB designer, I am involved and feel responsible for a smooth development process in the field of electronics or product development. Novatrace adopts a first-time right approach: by maintaining a solid structure, staying focused on the end result, and precisely defining what needs to be done in advance, you prevent errors. From experience, I know this is achievable!


– A robust product specification by clarifying the requirements.
– Reliable CAD library management, saving errors.
– We design according to IPC standards, ensuring your product can be manufactured anywhere.
– 3D CAD models ensure seamless mechanical integration and facilitate 3D printing.
– Together with a well-defined test plan, this could easily lead to a functional product with CE certification. It wouldn't be the first time we achieve this on the first attempt.



– We provide our clients with support in applying for subsidies such as WBSO, VIA, etc.
– This results in investments being lower than expected.
– An attractive business model.
– Our expertise in electronics production yields higher margins for our clients.
– Reduced stress about whether the product will function properly and if the schedule will be met.
– By outsourcing the electronics development process, all energy can be focused on the product idea.


Do you have a new product idea and are you looking for a reliable partner in electronics design? Feel free to contact me without obligation. I'd be happy to brainstorm with you!

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