NOVATRACE provides a complete service package in the field of printed circuit board design. We can be of service when you:


  • Have peaks in your capacity (possibly on location)
  • Miss the knowledge and expertise in a specific field
  • Do not have the correct CAD tools


NOVATRACE has extensive knowledge and experience with the most different design techniques such as:

  • RF design (certified)
  • Controlled impedance
  • Controlled length
  • Differential pair
  • Blind and Buried micro vias
  • HDI (High Density Interconnect)
  • Flex-rigids
  • Stack-up definition
  • 3D interference
  • IPC standards
  • DFM / DFA advice

CAD Tools

NOVATRACE has extensive knowledge and experience with different CAD Tools that are often used. We have an up-to-date license for the design tools below and, if desired, can come and work on location with your own laptop, license and screen.

Call us for more information: +31 (0)524 222 453

As a member of IPC, NOVATRACE has access to the most recent trends, market research and design techniques, and therefore you too! Our PCB designers are IPC certified, which is why we can correctly interpret the standards and use them in the circuit board design. This allows your products to be produced all over the world by every circuit board manufacturer and assembly company that uses these IPC standards.